New Templates (powerpoint file Jan 11, 2006) are here and annotated cassettes are here

Request for the ReDirect kit and for the cosmids in the original cosmid library should be made to For other cosmids (made in Swansea) please email Lydia Farrell ( and/or Paul Dyson ( See here for more information.

ReDirect is a procedure developed in the JIC for knocking out genes in Streptomyces coelicolor. The procedure is generic and may be used on a variety of organisms.

If you are working on Streptomyces coelicolor then you can use the primer selection software specially developed for the ReDirect procedure.

23 June 2006: Now you can design primers which will allow you flip out the cassette by restriction digestion. Download BMW now for this feature.

A major bug which caused inaccurate embl file to be written for the disrupted cosmid has been fixed. If you are using a verion of BMW which was downloaded before November 2, 2004 then please down load the bugfixed version from here

25 May 2007: Juanpa has repackaged BMW for the Mac. Please read the readme file before downloading the image (dmg) file.

The protocol for the ReDirect procedure version 1.4 (in pdf format) is here and a powerpoint file showing new templates available for use in PCR targeted mutagenesis is here. The pdf of a manuscript entitled "Recombineering in Streptomyces coelicolor " is available here. Users of the ReDirect procedure might also find this paper useful.

A tool to (electronically) restrict cosmids is here.